MorphE is made by a four artist team of friends (and spouses). A story originally crafted by Alexis Royce for a World of Darkness campaign, and then heavily changed, fine-tuned, and brought to life with the help of the rest of us.

Name: Craig Bayfield
Role: Writer, Assembler, Doer of Menial Tasks(the Kyon)
About: Craig is a Britlander who braved the oceans, traveling to a golden land of opportunity. He likes watching people and encouraging good artists. He is a Metal Gear and he likes to talk over videogames sometimes.

Name: Chelsea Capobianco
Role: Writer, Editor
About: Commonly going by her internet handle, ChibiSilverWings, Chelsea is a clay bender, which makes her the least cool Avatar character. She loves playing Pokemon, 3D platformers, World of Darkness, and Tales of Vesperia. Chess the Musical changed her life multiple times and as a result she's also a shapeshifter.

Name: Tricia Bayfield
Role: CG Artist, Music Composition, Background Artist
About: Tricia is happy and draws things sometimes. It is not unusual to find her composing music, writing or editing the lovely husband's books, roleplaying online and off, or livestreaming video games and art. It IS, however, unusual to see her speaking to buffalo, firefishing, or enjoying drinking songs with Fidel Castro. Please report to the local authorities if you see a Tricia partaking in this behavior.

Name: Alexis Royce
Role: Creator, Sprite Artist
About: Having bitten off more comic than she could chew, Alexis promptly asphyxiated and died. No memorial services were needed, and her body was quietly dropped behind a dumpster. Some say that she haunts her websites to this very day! WOOOOOOOOOOOO~