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sythiar (Guest), March 12th, 2015, 11:04 am     Reply

What is Flux talking about? One of whom could do what? Shoot Asia?

Make sense, Flux! Make sense!

Pokemontrainergigi, March 12th, 2015, 12:13 pm     Reply

I usually have my computer muted while reading...the slams startled me o-o"

shylarah, March 12th, 2015, 4:14 pm     Reply

I am now hearing Amical's Happy Fun Lesson Time theme (Speedy Mix)

burningtyger, March 12th, 2015, 6:53 pm     Reply

@shylarah:*goes to listne* Actuly waht we need right now is "Amical's Drastic LEsson TIme theme." Sped up, different instrument,s minor keyic

Voidwolf, March 13th, 2015, 3:39 pm     Reply

I heard that a double-time lesson theme was being composed, and I've been eagerly awaiting it ever since! Almost there!