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Mindsword2 (Guest), April 7th, 2015, 8:02 am     Reply

Frakking hell, Goblin Market!

The changelings are now involved...

I'd almost assume that the seedlings were in the Hedge before this (that type of shipping agency would be hard to hide in the real world, but their captor didn't look like a Changeling...

Still... what the heck.

burningtyger, April 8th, 2015, 11:52 pm     Reply

@Mindsword2: It's likely we weren't able to see past the Mask. Since Amical's an Acanthus his trucking with Arcadia (whatever version) seems likely, though I doubt he'd risk entering the Hedge directly.

Mindsword2 (Guest), April 9th, 2015, 7:56 am     Reply

@burningtyger: That's the thing. If it was in the Hedge, there would be no Mask.

Also, most changelings are kinda terrified of Acanthus Mages. If you were a changeling, would you hang around with a person that thinks Highly of Aracadia and has strange powers granted to them from Arcadia?

burningtyger, April 13th, 2015, 12:26 am     Reply

@Mindsword2: But the Hedge's thorns damage souls, and hence the magic power of a mage- would Amical risk that? (I'd assumed the mansion was not only a sanctum but a demesne possibly formed partly by one of Amical's own soulstones,, but it was vulnerable to Paradox..)

Mindsword2 (Guest), April 13th, 2015, 7:24 am     Reply

@burningtyger: Not here. The warehouse.

If you think of the Warehouse as a possible Hollow or even a stopping point along the way to Arcadia, you can see some worrisome parallels.

Kamikaze (Guest), April 7th, 2015, 8:28 pm     Reply

Damn, now we get Changeling: the Lost debut? Love this line.

Are the kidnappers True Fae or Privateers? That would be interesting.

Guest, April 8th, 2015, 11:44 pm     Reply

trouble casing but also a boost? ghmmm

shylarah, April 10th, 2015, 5:54 pm     Reply

I wish I could understand all this conjecture. =/

ChibiSilverWings, April 10th, 2015, 8:05 pm     Reply

@shylarah: You have my word that things will get explained over time. I'm sorry you're a little lost on some of the comments, but I promise that we have plans to keep people in and out of the WoD fanbase able to keep up with things in the comic, those who don't know a lot of WoD stuff will have to wait a little longer to get some of the references, but we won't make so you need insider knowledge to follow the plot.

That being said, I'm thrilled to pieces that these guys are excited about Changelings so I totally am glad they're thinking about this stuff :D Also am happy to see people theorizing on pactins. Yay!

burningtyger, April 13th, 2015, 12:50 am     Reply

@shylarah: Beings called the True Fae sometimes spirit away humans to their realm, called Arcadia (possibly the same as in Mage), replacing them with doppelgängers known as Fetches. Those who manage to escape Arcadia through the Hedge, a barrier 'twixt mortal and Fae realms, are Changelings. Changed by their time in Arcadia and wounded by traversing the Hedge, the tears in their souls filled by the mysterious energy known as Wyrd, the Lost, as they call themselves, hide behind semblances of normality called Masks, forming their own societies known as Courts.

Changelings may return to the Hedge, however, for it contains mysterious, magical Goblin Fruit and hosts the ever-changing Goblin Markets where all manner of things can be bought, not all of them available in the normal world. Amical seems to have gotten his teapot at one of those markets— a place farther away than we can imagine yet closer than we think.

shylarah, April 14th, 2015, 11:48 am     Reply

@burningtyger Ah, okay, I understand a little better now. But still not as well as someone familiar with the source material. ^.^

burningtyger, April 14th, 2015, 1:21 pm     Reply

@shylarah: Frankly I get most of my info from the White Wolf Wiki- I haven't' played any Mage or Changeling and only a bit of Vampire:the Masquerade way back. I HAVE reviewed a bit of the (pre-revision) Mage handbooks, though.