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Epicarp (Guest), May 3rd, 2016, 9:19 pm     Reply

Adrestia doesn't look quite right, and I think it's because her eyes are too large. I'mma experiment on eye sizes and get back to you on that.

Edit: Okay, so I made some comparisons here:

Adrestia's eyes are the largest out of everyone's (in this particular style so far). I also compared the eyes on her face with other characters that had bigger eyes.

The other character's eyes are much more spaced apart from each other than hers. One factor being that they're not so wide. With Francis, her head is a bit wider, allowing for extra space. With Tyler, his eyes are much closer to the edges of his face than hers. Billy simply doesn't have eyes nearly as wide.

I also made Adrestia's eyes a bit smaller in one copy of her face for comparison. Looks a lot more balanced on her face to me, what do you guys think?

JohhnyBoy (Guest), May 4th, 2016, 1:05 am     Reply

Adrestia really needs to learn how to cooperate with other people even if she doesn't like them.