YoumaCon + One Week Hiatus

We're going on a short, one week hiatus (from 26th-31st) because we all got a bit behind. On the plus side, Chelsea and Alexis be in the Artist Alley at Youmacon in Detroit next weekend so we're prepping. Come visit us if you're around!

We try to keep these pauses to a minimum for you all, but with 4 schedules to wrangle the free time of, it can get knotty on occasion. Thanks for bearing with us and enjoying the comic!

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Tumblr Blogs

Seems we have been ignoring the News feature on the site and instead adding our updates to the comic pages.

Still, it's nice to have something easily accessed by new readers and those who don't know which update contained our latest con appearances.

Today actually marks the year anniversary of morphE's inception. The day where the planning stages began, back when it was a straight-up episodic visual novel. Obviously the concept has shifted, altered and become the comic and I am happy for that as we can watch Amical, Billy, Asia and Tyler grow.

Part of that growth we'd like to share with you is their official Tumblr Ask Blogs. For several months each of the major characters has been running a blog, and though several of their entries are reblogged to the main tumblr page, not all of them do.

So please, stop on by and visit or ask questions to:


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Anime Central

Hello Seedlings! All four of us (Stkbayfield, Shadowednavi, Chibisilverwings and myself) will be at ACEN next month! It's May 17-19, 2013 in Rosemont, Illinois. We're right next to each other, at tables 96 and 97. Here's a map: I'm putting together a gift for readers who stop by, so even if you're flat broke, please quest through the wilds of the Artist Alley and say hi!

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ShutoCon in Lansing

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for the amazing launch week. I wanted to let you guys know that all four of the artists, myself included will be attending ShutoCon this weekend, 5th-7th in Lansing, Michigan.

We will be at table's JJ and KK listed as "Purple Tree Studios" and "Pocket Parrot Studios".

If you come find us and you have a Smackjeeves account we'll be offering a special badge to wear under your name with pride that you can only get when you meet us at a con! :D We look forward to seeing you! And if you can't make it, we'll be attending a lot of other cons this year, so you'll have plenty of chances!

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Actual Comic Launch Day

It begins today. We are proud -in our own schadenfreude way- to present morphE, a horror story that combines visual novels, webcomics, and the creeping things that followed you out of your nightmares. It updates three times a week, on Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday. Also, the website itself has a bit of a game to it, so if you like what you've read, browse around a bit, and you'll start to uncover some rather fun things.

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